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Magni Gyro UK are the UK Agents for the fantastic range of Magni Gyroplanes


Magni Gyro UK are the British agents for the fantastic range of Magni Gyroplanes.  The Gyroplanes are built in Italy and imported into the UK, ready to fly.  Gyroplanes are "Sport Aviation" aircraft, they are not used commercially - they are flown purely for fun!
Our Gyroplanes have a top speed of 100mph or more, they can cruise for over 4 hours on a tank of fuel which means you can usually travel over 400 miles at a time.  They can be used for serious touring, or they can be used for serious fun around the local area. 
Gyroplanes have been around since before second world war but until recently they have been neglected as a popular form of sport aviation.  Magni have been building Gyroplanes for nearly 20 years and supply them all over the world.  Following the arrival of the first factory-built gyroplanes to the UK in 2006, gyroplanes have become hugely popular and are one of the fastest growing areas of sport aviation.  
Magni Gyroplanes are fantastic....try one!

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Latest News!

New full-colour engine monitor for Magni Gyroplanes 

A customised version of the Kanardia "Digi" engine monitoring is the new standard fit for Magni gyroplanes - it replaces the Rotax "Flydat" system and provides full-color engine monitoring and alerting.  All your engine performance and critical data in one location with easy to read, intuitive graphics and alerting!



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The open cockpit M16C Gyroplane

For the traditional "wind in your hair" feeling, fly the Magni M16C Gyroplane.  The M16C is a two-seat "tandem" gyroplane.  With no wing to obscure your vision, the views are fantastic!

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The fully enclosed M24 Orion Gyroplane.

If you prefer a full-enclosed cockpit with side by side seating and class-leading visibility then the Magni M24C is the gyroplane for you.  The Magni M24C "Orion" was the first side by side factory built gyroplane approved in the UK. It rivals the Robinson R22 experience at a fraction of the cost.

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 M16 M24

About Gyroplanes

A Gyroplane looks like a small helicopter but the main difference is that the engine of the Gyroplane is not connected to the rotors.  The rotors are self-propelled by the air flowing through them. This is called Autorotation
A Gyroplane does have an engine, but it is connected to a propeller in a similar way to the engine of a light aeroplane.  The engine provides thrust to move forward and upwards only.
Gyroplanes are oftemn flown closer to the ground than an aeroplane or helicopter becasue they are much easier to land in the case of an emergency.  You can land a gyroplane in an area the size of a tennis court. 
A Gyroplane is often described as a hybrid between a aeroplane and a helicopter.  You control it like an aeroplane...but you have to think like a helicopter pilot.
It's great fun.  A Gyroplane is also called a Gyrocopter or an Autogyro. Read more about it here.

Learn to fly Gyroplanes

You need a licence to fly a Gyroplane in a similar way that you need a licence to fly an aeroplane or a helicopter.
The licence for a Gyroplane is called a PPL(G) and it is different from an aeroplane (PPL(A)) or helicopter (PPL(H)) licence.
If you do not hold any form of pilot's licence you will need to go on a training course of at least 40 hours, pass some written exams and take a flying test.  Getting a pilot's licence is not difficult, it is like learning to drive a car - it just takes a little longer.
If you hold an aeroplane or helicopter licence then the number of training hours is reduced, you also get an exemption from some of the written exams.
For more details on what is involved in learning to fly a Gyroplane, click here.

Where  to buy

If you want a close up look in any Magni Gyroplane then contact one of our dealers.
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Magni Gyroplanes are also available in other countries around the world.  If you do not live in the UK, you can see a list of worldwide dealers here.